Stapelia belong to the Apocynaceae family of plants, and consists of around 40 species of low-growing, spineless, stem succulent plants, predominantly from South Africa. are a family of succulent plants originating from Africa. They are characterised by their leafless and spineless stems growing low on the ground. They grow new roots where they touch soil.
Most Stapelia flowers are visibly hairy in an effort to imitate carrion, and generate the odour of rotten flesh earning the most commonly grown members of the Stapelia genus the common name of "carrion flowers". They do this to attract flies, who are their pollinators.
A handful of species are commonly cultivated as pot plants and are even used as rockery plants in countries where the climate permits. Stapelia are good container plants and can grow well under full sun and light to moderate watering. They should be planted in well-drained compost as the stems are prone to rotting if kept moist for long.