Rebutia Heliosa var. Condorensis

Rebutia heliosa var Condorensis has dark red flowers, and larger heads.Their compact habit makes them ideal in small pots in sunny positions and is a favourite among collectors and enthusiasts. They have an attractive globular form growing to approximately 4cm in diameter, with tiny white spines.

Common Names: Condorensis

Height and diameter: Grows to about 3cm tall, 3cm in diameter.

Light: Full sun.

Water: Requires well-drained soil, and only moderate watering. The soil should be allowed to dry between watering, rather than kept perpetually damp.

Flowers: Produces red flowers in autumn.

Propagation: By removing and replanting offsets.

Care: Very low-maintenance plant in suitable growing conditions. Keep in well-draining soil, and protect from frosty conditions.