Kalanchoe luciae

The Flapjacks is a common, very recognisable succulent plant, with round paddle-shaped leaves that have dramatic jade green to bright coral-red colouring. It is a perfect ground cover in sunny positions giving gardens a striking splash of colour all year round. They grow to about 30-60cm tall. They produce maximum contrast colours in full sun - grey-green leaves with creamy coloured edges and pink margins. It produces a tall flower spike or cream coloured flowers during the spring. They are hardy, and have beautiful foilage, making them a fantastic addition to gardens, rockeries and collections.

Common Name: Flapjack, Dessert Cabbage, Paddle Plant

Height: 30-60 cm tall. It also likes a bit of space for offsets and will colonise in ideal conditions.

Light: Maximum red to jade green contrast colours in full sun or grey-green foliage in partial shade.

Water: Water during the summer and spring, making sure it has good drainage. Reduce water in the winter to monthly. Excess water can damage the plant

Flowers: Flapjacks bloom in late winter – early spring producing tall, spindly flower spikes from the centre of the rosette with a cluster of yellow flowers at the top.

Propagation: Can be easily propagated by stem cuttings, rooting individual leaves, or offsets. This plant is monocarpic, which means it will die after flowering, but it usually produces offsets either at the base or on the flower stalk, making it easy to propagate.

Care: Very low-maintenance plant in suitable growing conditions.