Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi 'variegata'

The Variegated Lavender Scallops is a bushy, evergreen and perennial succulent plant which grows to about 30-40cm tall. They produce maximum contrast colours in full sun - grey-green leaves with creamy coloured edges and pink margins. It produces bell-shaped coral coloured flowers during the spring. They are hardy, and have beautiful foilage, making them a fantastic addition to gardens, rockeries and collections.

Common Name: Lavender Scallops

Height: Grows to about 40cm tall.

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Water: Water during the summer and spring, making sure it has good drainage. Reduce water in the winter to monthly. Excess water can damage the plant.

Flowers: Produces bell-shaped coral coloured flowers in spring.

Propagation: From stem cuttings or leaf cuttings during spring- autumn.

Care: Keep in either a pot, planter or garden bed, in good quality, well-draining soil. Very low-maintenance plant in suitable growing conditions.