Hoya are tropical plants native to Asia and the South Pacific, and belong to the Apocynaceae family of plants. Common names include wax plant, wax vine or hoya. They are evergreen perennial vines and climb by twining, using aerial roots to cling to tree branches or rocks. Some hoya may be found growing epiphytically on trees, while others in rocky areas or soil. Their leaves are arranged in an opposite pattern along its stems and most are succulent. Hoya employ perennial peduncles or spurs from which their flowers grow. They rarely shed these spurs so each time the plant flowers, the spur grows too. Their flowers are clustered in an umbrella-like structure, typically with a strong fragrance and abundant nectar to attract pollinators such as bees, ants and moths.
Hoyas make fabulous house plants in hanging baskets, or outdoors in a well-lit position.