Delosperma is showy-flowered genus, a member of the iceplant (Aizoaceae) family, is made up of 150 species of low and often prostrate succulent annuals, biennials, and perennials, mainly native to southern Africa but also found northward through eastern Africa to the Arabian Peninsula. The species are generally drought tolerant and are excellent plants for desert gardens. Delosperma species have dense yellow-green foliage that is made up of small, fleshy, and usually cylindrical leaves growing in opposite pairs on the stem. In spring in the temperate zones or after rain in the dry subtropics, small daisy-like flowers are borne in vivid shades of white, yellow, orange-red, and bright magenta, with the result that the spreading species form boldly-coloured carpets of blooms. Although the flowering is often very brief, it is quite spectacular.